Columbia University’s SIPA offers the opportunity to study in London at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and earn degrees from both SIPA and the LSE in the same amount of time it takes to earn one degree.

This program is ideal for those students interested in finishing their course of study in London, thus obtaining both an Ivy League education as well as one from a world class center of excellence based in Europe. It is open to both MIA and MPA students at SIPA. By being physically based in Europe upon graduation, students may maximize their career opportunities in the region.

In addition to the professional advantages of studying public policy in both London and New York, students will benefit from the different pedagogical traditions of studying in both the North American and the British and European context. The dual degree candidate will profit from the extensive resources available in New York City, as well as the global reach of the combined alumni networks of both programs.

The small and intimate nature of the LSE MPA program, with approximately 90 students in the entering class, offers a different and complementary experience to SIPA's roughly 500 students. The program begins October and ends June.


Students are required to complete the core curriculum of their home institution then pursue an area of specialization at the partner school in their second year. The program is normally completed in two years.



SIPA Concentrations and Specializations


Please refer to the LSE site for details on the LSE MPA curriculum.

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Students pay tuition and fees to the school where they are in residence. 

SIPA Tuition & Fees
LSE Tuition & Fees