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Columbia Dual Degree Programs

Drawing on the resources of Columbia University, SIPA offers a number of dual degree programs with other Columbia schools. Students in these programs gain knowledge, skills, and perspectives in fields other than International and Public Affairs. Each dual degree program leads to the award of two degrees in less time than if the two degrees were pursued separately.

SIPA currently has thirteen dual degree programs with the Mailman School of Public Health, School of Law, School of Business, School of Journalism, School of Social Work, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. SIPA also offers a program for Columbia undergraduate students, The Five Year Program, which leads to a BA and an MIA or MPA degree in just five years.

Students interested in pursuing any of the Columbia dual degree programs should contact Dean Duane Bruce.

The dual degree programs offered by SIPA and other Columbia schools and the degrees they confer are listed below:

MIA Dual Degrees:

MPA Dual Degrees:

The Columbia Dual Degree Student Handbook (PDF) is a resource for current and prospective students with information on admission, registration, tuition and financial aid, health services, facilities, housing and career advice.

Applications for admission must be filed separately to each school as admissions decisions are made independently. There is no special consideration for students applying to two schools at Columbia University. Students are considered dual degree students only after being admitted into two separate schools with a recognized dual degree program at Columbia University. Applicants may apply simultaneously to two separate schools at Columbia. If admitted to both schools, a deferment must be requested at one of the two schools. Admitted students who do not begin their combined program at SIPA should send the acceptance form (without the deposit) and a request for a deferral to the SIPA Admissions Office. Applicants may also enroll in one school first, and then apply to another school at a later date. Students must, however, apply to the second school prior to completing half the course work of the first school.
Student Profiles
Students can only be registered in one school per semester. Residency Credits are credits earned and registered in a particular school. Academic Credits are credits earned that fulfill the academic core or degree requirements. A student may be in residence at one school while fulfilling academic requirements of another. Students in residence at SIPA may register for SIPA courses on-line during registration. Students must follow cross-registration procedures for courses outside the school in which they are in residence. SIPA registration information is on the SIPA Registration website. Students in residence at a school other than SIPA must follow the registration procedures of that school. At the beginning of each term, all dual degree students must register for SIPA U0040 - SIPA Dual Degree - in order for us to monitor their progress and effectively communicate with them.
Degree Requirements
Dual degrees require that students complete a minimum number of Residency Credits and Academic Credits in both schools. Dual degree candidates must complete a minimum of 30 credits in residence at SIPA and fulfill all MIA core requirements, including demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language. The second professional degree can be accepted toward the MIA in lieu of a policy concentration.
Graduation Ceremony
Dual degree students may participate in one of two May graduation ceremonies, either the one before their official graduation date or the one after they officially graduate.
Students pay the tuition and fees of the schools in which they are registered each term.
Financial Aid/Fellowships
Students are granted financial aid by the school in which they are registered each term. Students should adhere to financial aid deadlines and procedures in each school and meet as early as possible with the financial aid offices of both schools. Dual degree students may apply for SIPA Continuing Student Fellowships after completing one semester of study at Columbia and as long as they have a GPA of at least 3.4. The Continuing Student Fellowship Application is made during the student's second semester of study at Columbia - the student does not need to be in residence at SIPA to apply - and is available on-line in early February, and is due in late February for the next academic year's awards. Dual degree students who receive SIPA Continuing Student Fellowships must be in residence at SIPA to receive the fellowship award. Dual degree students are also eligible to apply for the Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship after completing one semester of study at Columbia. The FLAS Fellowship is for advanced training in modern foreign languages and is open to US citizens and permanent residents only. The FLAS application is available on-line in January and is due at the end of February for the next academic year's awards. Dual degree students who receive the FLAS Fellowship must be in residence at SIPA to receive the FLAS award.