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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA curriculum has been designed to develop public affairs professionals, who understand the increasingly complex issues shaping local and national level policies and projects and who have the analytical and managerial skills to apply their knowledge to real world situations. Although the students and faculty in the MPA program focus on local and national projects, they do so in a global context, drawing on the international strengths of SIPA. MPA students and faculty come from around the world, with international students constituting more than 50% of the student body. They work on a variety of local and national issues, ranging from economic development in Kazakhstan, to environmental issues in Japan, to municipal bond ratings or city management in New York.  Corresponding to the career interests of MPA students, this curriculum draws on the vast international resources of SIPA, Columbia and the Global Public Policy Network to address a wide variety of local and national level policy issues in a rapidly globalizing context.

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The curriculum of the MPA degree program is designed to provide students with qualitative and quantitative analytical skills and with the hands-on management skills required by leaders in the major fields of public affairs, combined with substantive knowledge of a policy concentration. The curriculum also draws on the international strengths of SIPA to ensure that these public affairs officials are prepared for the rapidly globalizing context of local and national policy issues.
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At SIPA, a distinguished core faculty of practitioners and scholars join with colleagues from throughout Columbia University, including the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Public Health, the Graduate School of Journalism, Teachers College, the School of Law, and the Graduate School of Business. Their combined strength allows SIPA to offer programs unsurpassed in range and flexibility. It is a case study in institutional synergy.
Students graduating with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree acquire concrete skills to work in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Recent employers include The Central Bank of Nicaragua, the City Of Ann Arbor, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Environmental Protection Agency, and many others.
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All two-year MIA and MPA students choose one specialization (similar to a minor) consisting of three courses (9 points) focused on a skill or area of specialized knowledge to complement their policy concentration.
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