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PhD in Sustainable Development


The purpose of the PhD in Sustainable Development is to create a generation of scholars and professionals equipped to deal with some of the most crucial problems in the world today. By combining elements of a traditional graduate education in social science, particularly economics, with a significant component of training in the natural sciences, the program's graduates will be uniquely situated to undertake serious research and policy assessments with the goal of sustainable development. The program includes a set of rigorous core requirements, but also provides students with the flexibility to pursue in-depth research in a broad variety of critical policy issue areas.

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Why a PhD in Sustainable Development?
Job Market Candidates
Applying to the Program
What kind of students should apply for the PhD in Sustainable Development?
The distinctive and innovative nature of this program requires a core set of courses that provide an interdisciplinary grounding.
Student Profiles
Students in SIPA's Sustainable Development PhD program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are working on a diverse set of research topics. Select profiles below provide an idea of the breadth of interests reflected in the program.
Student Work
Student Publications, Student/Faculty Co-Authored Publications, Grants and Awards, Fellowships, Conference Presentations, MA Thesis and Dissertation Titles
Faculty are drawn from a wide variety of schools and departments at Columbia University in addition to SIPA.
Find answers to the most common questions.
The PhD in Sustainable Development Handbook offers information on the program, its curriculum, requirements, policies, faculty, students and alumni. The handbook can be used as a reference guide for applicants, admitted and current students.
Career Paths
See what our graduates are doing now.
Student and Program-led seminars, conferences, workshops and other events.
Sustainable Development Doctoral Society
An organization for SIPA's most advanced students.
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