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MPA in Economic Policy Management: MPA-EPM (PEPM)


The objective of the MPA in Economic Policy Management (MPA-EPM), formerly known as Program in Economic Policy Management (PEPM),  is to provide professionals and policymakers of demonstrated achievement and superior promise with the skills required for effective design and implementation of economic policy in market economies, with a strong emphasis on the economic problems of developing and transition economies. The 12-month program is relatively brief and highly focused to accommodate the demands of mid-career professionals and policymakers. The course of study is designed to convey the practical lessons of economics and management science through the intensive study of actual economic-policy successes and failures. The demanding curriculum presupposes that students possess some measure of intellectual maturity and professional exposure to the problems of economic decision-making.

The program, which started in 1992 as a cooperative effort of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Graduate School of Business, and Department of Economics, draws upon the considerable faculty and resources of these and other divisions of the University. In addition, the program has operated as a partnership with the World Bank. Funding for 12 students per year is granted by the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.  Besides the original Economic Policy Management focus (EPM), the program also offers a very sought after focus in Global Energy Management and Policy (GEMP), supported by the Center for Global Energy Policy, and a new focus in Central Banking and Financial Markets (CBFM), which teaches the latest techniques in capital market development and macroprudential policy.

Students who successfully complete the requirements of the MPA in Economic Policy Management (MPA-EPM) are awarded the degree of Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University.

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The MPA-EPM curriculum aims to build students' technical competence in the tools of economic management and policymaking, train students in the application of these skills, and educate students about current thinking on the world economic environment, as well as its history and institutions.
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MPA-EPM (PEPM) graduates are uniquely prepared to meet the challenges of economic policymaking and management in today's complex economic environment. Many MPA-EPM graduates undertake leadership positions in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.
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