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Gender and Public Policy

Gender is the often un-analyzed dimension of all public policies. From conflict resolution to economic development, public finance to public health, policies rest upon, are shaped by, and shape gender relations. Increasingly, international organizations, national and local governments, and private actors have recognized that gender must be explicitly taken into account if policy goals are to be attained. But how can public policies promote more equitable gender relations; how is gender equity—or equality—understood in different contexts; and, how can the effects of policies—even when they are ostensibly neutral in terms of their objectives—be evaluated from the perspective of the gender relations they affect? The specialization in Gender and Public Policy enables students to develop the skills that will allow them to assess, formulate and implement policies that promote greater gender equality. Precisely because gender is such an important dimension of public policy, the specialization is of interest to students in all concentrations.

The specialization draws on a multidisciplinary faculty of scholars and practitioners, promotes systematic interaction with SIPA’s extensive resources, and partners with faculty and research centers across the University.

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