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Application Checklist

Completed Application Form

100% of the application process can be completed online.

Personal Statements/Essay Questions
Application Fee

US $95, nonrefundable

Standard Résumé/CV
Quantitative/Language Résumé
The second résumé requirement provides the committee with additional information on your quantitative and language knowledge and proficiency. This special quantitative/language résumé should elaborate upon the skills you have developed related to quantitative methods and language learning. It is acceptable if some of the information included in this résumé overlaps with your standard/traditional résumé. A sample may be found here.


Three Letters of Recommendation

Choose recommenders who, individually or in aggregate, will give the best sense of your qualifications for study at SIPA. You may submit two professional and one academic recommendation or all three professional recommendations.

GRE/GMAT Test Scores

EMPA applicants who have significant work experience and/or have performed well in previous quantitative courses may request a GRE/GMAT waiver. To request a GRE/GMAT waiver, contact the EMPA Program Office. If a waiver is not approved, official, unexpired scores must be on file one month prior to orientation.


If English was not the official language of instruction of your undergraduate college or university, you must take the TOEFL or IELTS exam. You must upload your unofficial score report as part of your application. The exam must have been taken no earlier than 2 years prior to applciation. Our TOEFL code is 2161. Official, unexpired scores must be on file one month prior to orientation.

Official Transcripts
A bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution is required to enroll at Columbia SIPA. Please submit transcripts from all colleges, universities and professional schools attended (including Columbia). Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended must be on file one month prior orientation

Fall 2017 Application Deadline

Jul 1, 2017
*Apply by April 15, 2017 for fellowship consideration