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Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid in the form of scholarships, assistantships and fellowships awarded directly by SIPA are available to all students regardless of citizenship status, and the application processes are the same for almost all awards.  There are a limited number of awards that, based on the specific wishes of the donor, are for students with specific citizenship or national origin, or for students pursuing specific fields of study.  Some funds may have very specific eligibility criteria, such as career goals or professional experience, which may require a separate application.  Potentially eligible students will be made aware of this application process when such awards become available.

SIPA Assistantships, which are available only to second year students and include an employment component, are based on academic and professional credentials. Applicants must be meeting SIPA's standards for satisfactory academic progess (see below) to be considered for Assistantship positions.  Please note that meeting those standards do not guarantee an Assistantship nor any other form of aid administered by SIPA.

Aid available from the US federal government, such as student loans and Work Study, are only available to US citizens and permanent residents.  In some cases, the Financial Aid Office may be required to collect documentation from the applicant to verify their citizenship status, income, or other information to confirm eligibility, and we will notify students if that is required.  Students eligible for these types of aid must also be enrolled on at least a half time basis (6 credits per semester) and not be in default on any previous federal student loan. The Graduate PLUS loan is credit-based, as are most private loans, but no other loans from the federal government have creditworthiness as an eligibility criteria.  

After the first year of study, federal aid applicants must also be meeting SIPA’s standards for satisfactory academic progress; for more information, please visit the page on the SIPA Grading System and Academic Progress and refer to the section labeled Academic Progress.  Satisfactory academic progress is determined at SIPA by using both quantitative and qualitative measures; students must earn an aggregate grade point average of at least 3.0 after the conclusion of their first year of study and thereafter, complete a minimum of 9 credits per semester (6 for EMPA students) and earn a minimum of 67 percent of credits attempted.  This progress is reviewed on an annual basis, and students not meeting these standards will be notified that they do not qualify for federal student aid.  There is an appeal process that will be explained to students whose aid eligibility may be so impacted.