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External Fellowships and Funding Sources

Each year, a great number of students receive financial support from sources outside SIPA and Columbia University. Many potential such sources are described in the SIPA directory of external fellowship opportunities. You can also visit scholarship search sites such as: 

When searching for a scholarship online, avoid sites that provide lists of scholarships for a fee.  They are almost guaranteed to be scams.  The above sites are all free of charge.

The SIPA Financial Aid Office also posts information about external funding opportunities on the SIPA Facebook page and Twitter feeds upon learning about them.  Please follow SIPA’s social media communications regularly.

External or outside awards may affect eligibility for student loans, and there are also external funding sources that SIPA provides partial matches for, increasing recipients' funding. If you are awarded an external fellowship or grant from any source, please notify the SIPA Financial Aid Office so that our records about how our students fund their educational costs is as complete as possible and so you do not miss out on any other funding opportunities.