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FAQ's on MPA-DP Policies

When is the application deadline?
Can I apply online?
What does SIPA look for in an applicant?
What are the special characteristics of successful MPA-DP candidates?
Do I need to have a certain major?
Are applicants required to have worked professionally for a minimum period of time?
Do you accept applicants directly from undergraduate schools?
What's the difference between MIA/MPA and MPA in Development Practice?
Can I pursue dual degrees?
Can I transfer into the MPA-DP program from other SIPA programs?
Is the review process for applicants to the MPA-DP program the same as for other SIPA programs?
Can I visit the campus and meet with an MPA-DP program representative?
Is a personal interview required or recommended?
Can I defer my offer of admission?
What is covered in the MPA-DP “Getting Started” program?
Why does the MPA-DP program have an additional $1000 fee?
How many students are accepted each year?
What is the average age of an MPA-DP student?
What percentage of MPA-DP students are international?
What are the MPA-DP summer field placement requirements?
How does the MPA-DP summer field placement differ from the regular internship required of other MPA students at SIPA?
How long is the summer field placement?
Where are students placed? Can I choose the location of my summer field placement?
Is the summer field placement program funded?
What are the living conditions of the summer field placement? Will I be placed with other students?
What courses are required to complete the MPA in Development Practice degree program?
Can I waive required MPA-DP courses?
Can I waive the Professional Development course?
Can I transfer credits from my previous graduate degree?
Is it possible to attend SIPA part-time?
Can I choose a concentration and specialization?
Do I have to prove proficiency in a foreign language?
Can I take more advanced Economics and Statistics courses in lieu of the required introductory courses?
Can I audit courses?
Can I receive credit for an independent research project?
Can I take electives at other schools within the Columbia University system?
How do the credits work for the summer field placement?
How many elective courses am I required to take?
Can I apply for early action admission for the MPA-DP and another program?
Do MPA-DP students get involved with student organizations?
Are the Econ courses required in the first year?
What is the policy on pass/fail courses?