SIPA students may take advantage of a broad range of dual degree programs, both within Columbia University and with partnering Universities around the world. 

See more information on programs within Columbia University 

See more information on programs with international partner schools in the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN)

Most Columbia dual degree programs provide flexibility in enrollment plans from one year or semester to another.  But students should be aware that SIPA funding is only available for those semesters which you are attending SIPA, it cannot under any circumstances be used at other schools at Columbia.  While enrolled at Columbia, your financial aid eligibility, including any combination of scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, student loans or Work Study, will be determined by the school that you are attending that semester.  Students enrolled in dual degree programs are just as eligible to apply for SIPA funding as are non-dual degree students.  While you are enrolled at the other school, please make sure you are aware of applicable deadlines and procedures at SIPA.

If you are attending abroad in one of SIPA’s international dual degree programs, if you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to borrow a federal or private student loan through SIPA for costs incurred at the international school.

If you intend to enroll abroad in the GPPN program, the semester may begin earlier than Columbia’s, therefore prior to the disbursement of your aid.  Aid disburses at Columbia.  When that disbursement takes place, it creates a credit balance that is refunded to you.  It is important to have a direct deposit account set up (with a US bank) so that you will be able to access those funds quickly.  Please plan accordingly, and if you are leaving prior to the beginning of Columbia’s semester, have some financial resources available for immediate expenses.