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Director of Columbia's Institute for the Study of Human Rights; Director, Human Rights Concentration; Professor of International and Public Affairs

The Human Rights Concentration prepares students for careers addressing human rights issues within governments, international organizations, corporations, community organizations, and service organizations. Graduates work in areas as diverse as today’s field of human rights, addressing issues such as health, shelter, education, security, urban planning, economic development, and social justice.

Director of the International Security Policy Concentration; Director of the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies; Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of War and Peace Studies

The International Security Policy Concentration is designed for students interested in international conflict and conflict management, defense policy, military strategy, arms control, intelligence, peacekeeping, coercion, negotiation, and alternatives to the use of force as an instrument of policy.

Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs; President, Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Energy and Environment Concentration provides students with the analytical tools and substantive knowledge to address the key economic and environmental challenges in the world today, and to pursue leadership careers in the fields of energy and ..

Director, Economic and Political Development Concentration; Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs

José Antonio Ocampo is the director of the Concentration in Economic and Political Development (EPD). He discusses the concentration, its requirements, workshops and career opportunities. Professor Ocampo also provides useful advice for SIPA applicants interested in the field.