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Waqar Ahmad Sheikh

PEPM 2010
Graduation Year: 
Date of Interview: 
Friday, September 21, 2012

Waqar Ahmad Sheikh is a graduate of the PEPM Class of 2010.  He is currently working as a Consultant in Private Sector Development at the World Bank in Islamabad.

How did PEPM and your internship help you?

Undoubtedly IMF was a great experience. In fact, it is a must for all PEPM students to make their best effort to get a work opportunity at IMF/World Bank. My advice is to go "beyond their personal networking, don't underestimate PEPM and especially David’s extended linkages with these institutions".

What was your experience like working and being a PEPM Student?

"Working at IMF/World Bank is the best use of one year of professional and academic training at PEPM and build its linkages to real world economics. For PEPM students it isan extraordinary opportunity which other SIPA students have a very limited access. It is a real multilateral experience in terms of cultural and professional management. At IMF, I got acquainted with an extraordinary and challenging academic environment to learn from peers and develop ideas on shared thinking. It is worth mention that IMF provided an access to unparalleled academic training programs led by renowned scholars like Prof. Acemogulo (MIT), Prof Xavier Sala martin (Columbia), Alan Abarch (UC, Berkeley), Robert Barro (Harvard), Prof. Ragu Rajan (Chicago) and many others in a short period of 3 months. Finally, IMF provided me a platform to network around especially with The World Bank staff which resulted into an extraordinary opportunity to work with the World Bank in Islamabad."Guys you must go for it !

UPDATE: As of 2014, Waqar is working as the Head of Corporate Affairs at Nestlé in Lahore, Pakistan, where he provides leadership, technical advisory, strategic thinking and management support for coordination and consolidation of corporate affairs activities with both internal and external stakeholders.