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Tuition, Fees and Other Costs

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2014/2015

  Fall 2014 Spring 2015 TOTAL
Direct Costs:      
Tuition* 13,698 13,698 27,396
SIPA Computer Lab Fee 165 165 330
University Facilities Fee 229 229 458
Student Activity Fee 55 55 110
Transcript Fee** 105 0 105
Total Direct Costs 14,252 14,147 28,399
Indirect Costs:      
Room/Board 7,471 9,339 16,810
Books 500 500 1,000
Personal Expenses 1,679 2,100 3,779
Transportation 448 560 1,008
Total Indirect Costs 10,098 12,499 22,597
TOTAL 24,350 26,646 50,996

* EMPA students are charged tuition at a rate of $1,522 per credit. The example above assumes 9 credits per semester; actual tuition charges will vary depending on students' individual courseloads.  International students should add $50 per semester for the International Student Services Fee.  Full time students (12 or more credits in a semester) will be charged additional fees for Health Services and Health Insurance, as well as higher Facilities Fees.

** Transcript Fee is a one-time fee charged during students' first semester at Columbia University.

The total cost of attendance includes both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are those charged by Columbia University. The tuition and fees indicated above are for the stated year only and are subject to change. Indirect costs reflect estimated living and educational expenses typically incurred by students; yours may vary. For information on billing and payments, please visit the University's Student Financial Services website.

Note that continuing EMPA students may also elect to attend during the summer 2014 term.  Costs for tuition are identical to those of the fall and spring terms, at $1,522 per credit, the Computer Lab, Facilities and Student Activity fees apply, and indirect expenses other than textbooks are pro-rated for a 3 month period.  The textbook allowance for the summer is the same as other terms.

Note: These costs are projections as of June 24, 2014.

For information on 2013/14 costs, please click here.