Travel and Business Expense Reports must be completed by individuals associated with Columbia University (i.e. faculty, graduate students).

For reimbursement for payments, you must provide:

  •  The name, home address, and social security number of the person to be reimbursed.
  • The business purpose of the expenses (fliers, memos, etc.).
  • An original receipt and credit/debit card statement showing proof of payment for each expense item.

It is important to show all receipts for your expense report. Individuals should tape the receipts on plain white 8 ½ x 11 paper.  All expense reports must be signed and completed by the payee.

  • AVOID paying by personal check as it will prolong the process for reimbursement.  You cannot request reimbursement until you receive your canceled check, then must attach the original (or an official copy of the front and back of the check if your bank uses electronic check imaging) to the expense form.
  • AVOID paying for purchases and orders out-of-pocket.
  • DO NOT pay or reimburse anyone directly from your personal funds as the University will not honor third-party reimbursements.
  • ALWAYS have the individual submit an invoice or reimbursement request directly to the University (this includes lecturers, performers, and other group members).

Please Note: Travel and Business Expense policies and Supplemental Approval policy, expenses must be submitted by the payee to the department within 120 days of the expense/trip.  Expense reimbursements submitted by the payee to the department beyond 120 days may be considered taxable income.

We strongly recommend ordering directly from existing University vendors with University accounts. They are aware that the University is tax-exempt, and often offer a discount.