COLUMBIA + EXTERNAL SUMMER INTERNSHIP FUNDING:  Below is a flyer regarding summer internship funding opportunities at Columbia University and externally beyond Columbia. Please refer to each funding organization's or institute's website for information or inquiries about their grants and fellowships. 

Columbia and External Summer Internship Funding Opportunities -- UPDATED 1/30/20! 

SIPA SUMMER INTERNSHIP FUNDING:  Below is a flyer regarding SIPA summer internship funding opportunities. Please also review the below general eligibility requirements for all SIPA summer internship grants, as they will vary for each grant. You should refer to each SIPA grant's SIPAlink Job ID posting (listed in the flyer) for specific information. Each SIPA summer internship grant applicant is responsible for reviewing and adhering to all below information prior to applying for a grant.

SIPA Summer 2020 Summer Internship Funding -- UPDATED 2/21/20! 


  • Student must be matriculated at SIPA or matriculated in a dual degree program with SIPA.
  • Student must be in a full-time program and in good academic standing.
  • Student must be in a program where the internship is a degree requirement.
  • Student must be returning to SIPA or the dual degree university in the fall semester.
  • Student must be a first-time recipient of SIPA summer internship funding.
  • Students in the MPA-EPM, MPA-ESP, EMPA, GEMPA, and Ph.D. programs are ineligible to apply.
  • Students must submit a COMPLETE grant application prior to the respective deadline. 



  • The internship must be relevant to ongoing coursework and provide professional work experience. 
  • The internship must align with the criteria outlined here: What Constitutes an Internship?.
  • The internship offer must be secured at the time of application and must include all required details, per the SIPAlink posting. Incomplete offer letters = incomplete grant applications 
  • "Independent study" internships or academic/language courses abroad are not eligible.
  • Total compensation for the internship from the internship organization or any and all other funding sources is unpaid (all SIPA grants except Travel Grant) or is less than $3,000 USD (Travel Grant only).
  • Only summer internship positions are eligible.
  • Internship positions must be a minimum of six (6) summer weeks in duration (prior to when fall classes begin). 
  • Internships in student's family-owned organizations are not eligible.
  • Travel Grant only: Travel to a country of which the student is a citizen does not qualify, unless the student is also a permanent resident (green card holder or citizen) of the US and will provide proof of this status. 
  • Travel Grant only: Domestic internships are ineligible, even if they have an international component. 
  • Travel Grant only: As listed above, all forms of compensation from the internship and outside funding sources must be disclosed. The total amount, not including in-kind, must be $2,999 USD or below. 


  • All student and internship eligibility requirements must be met in order to qualify for consideration. Grant awards are not automatic. 
  • Grant applications will not be considered complete nor eligible unless all required documents are appropriately submitted to OCS by the application deadline.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Students must upload all required documents to the proper categories in SIPAlink. Refer to each grant's SIPAlink posting for more details.
  • If you receive a SIPA internship grant and can no longer undertake the internship, please notify the Office of Career Services (
  • Each SIPA summer internship grant applicant is responsible for reviewing and adhering to all above information prior to applying for a grant.


TRAVEL GRANT -- APPLICATION is open until may 1st, 11:59 pm (est)!


You have acknowledged your understanding of and agreement with all of the requirements of this grant, found on this page, in the posting within SIPAlink Job ID 26355504, and throughout the online application form, linked below. Applicants must be in good academic standing at the time of their application (3.0 GPA or above), must be a current SIPA student, and must be returning for the fall semester, among the requirements for this grant posted within SIPAlink Job ID 26355504.

No late or incomplete applications will be considered. The deadline for the Travel Grant is May 1st, 2019, 11:59 PM (EST).




Please review the below flyer regarding summer internship funding opportunities at Columbia University and externally. If you have questions regarding any of the funding, the links to their respective organizations or institutes are provided. Deadlines will vary. 

Columbia and External Summer Internship Funding Opportunities