SIPA link is the online portal for applying to jobs and internships, scheduling appointments with OCS career advisers and career coaches, registering for career events, and accessing SIPA's Internship Report Database and the OCS Resource library.
SIPA's Office of Career Services (OCS) pays for a number of online subscriptions to various publications that connect students with additional job listings in various fields (e.g., international...
Current students receive a weekly e-newsletter detailing OCS updates, important deadlines, career resources, and a report of job/internship opportunities recently added to SIPA link .
Get tips for international students and on connecting with alumni, interviewing, networking, writing resumes and cover letters and other career development topics.
Get information, sample employers, and online resources for a variety of fields and industries.
Get access to lists of employers by industry or field, organizational charts, and information on IFC and World Bank internship programs and YPPs.
Get access to sample resumes including federal government templates and sample cover letters including informational and job interview templates. Also view action verb lists and other helpful information for building or editing resumes and cover letters.
Access the Professional Development/Internship Waiver Request Form, CPT Form, and other documents.