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The Recruiting Program at SIPA's Office of Career Services (OCS) connects students to employers from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, who interview and recruit students at SIPA for full-time and internship positions. OCS does this in the following ways:

Employer Information Sessions

Employer information sessions provide valuable information for students to learn about various organizations and available opportunties. Senior executives, human resources representatives, or SIPA alumni come on campus to talk about their organization's history, culture, and organizational structure, as well as to describe typical graduate-level career paths and opportunities.


All recruiting at SIPA takes place through OCS' employment portal, SIPAlink. Students and alumni should regularly check SIPAlink to learn about and apply for available opportunities, to participate in resume collections, to sign up for on-campus interviews, and to register for career events. 

Resume Books for Private Sector Employers

OCS compiles resume books for students interested in working in Finance, Consulting, and Energy. OCS sends these resume books to employers who request them. In addition, OCS uses these books to market SIPA students to potential employers as part of the Employer Relations Team's outreach efforts.  Students who would like to participate in resume books must follow the guidelines and format specified here.