SIPA Student Diversity Coalition Representatives


Empowering Asian Women (EAW)

The purpose of Empowering Asian Women is to encourage further dialogue on the topic of diversity and inclusion by fostering leadership development of Asian female students and professionals. All members of the Columbia University community interested in EAW’s mission are invited to join.


Gender and Public Policy Working Group (GPWG)

Gender is a cross-cutting international policy issue that deserves acknowledgment and participation. GPWG hopes to facilitate the integration and exposure of a gender perspective at SIPA and promote useful discussions and events.


SIPA Pan-African Network (SPAN)

As its mission, SPAN creates a vibrant community of support for students within SIPA and Columbia concerned with Africa and its Diaspora.

SPAN’s core objectives are:

  • Create a platform for African students and all other students interested in Africa to share ideas beneficial to development in Africa.
  • Leverage opportunities within SIPA and Columbia University, and collaborate with other student groups for increased visibility.
  • Organize events focused on development and connect members with organizations for internship and post-graduation employment opportunities.
  • Participate in orientation of new students and ensure equal opportunities for all members.
  • Membership in SPAN is open to students enrolled at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, subject to membership requirements outlined in SIPA’s student group policies.


SIPA Students of Color (SSOC)

SIPA Students of Color (SSOC) is a diverse community of students, alumni and faculty that focuses on the support and advancement of underrepresented students becoming future policy leaders and development professionals. Our core belief is that the world is best served by policymakers and leaders who represent a wide variety of cultural traditions, political worldviews and life experiences.

The organization’s primary function is to assist its members in achieving their academic and professional goals. More importantly - SSOC seeks to leverage its broad network to assist Columbia SIPA in the recruitment of underrepresented students and faculty while advocating for the inclusion of diverse and dynamic perspectives within Columbia SIPA’s course curriculum and cultural climate.


SIPA Women in Leadership (WIL)

SIPA Women in Leadership (SIPA WIL) is an organization at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), consisting of Columbia students, alumni, administrators, friends, allies and mentors.

SIPA Women in Leadership’s mission is to prepare its members for success and leadership in all sectors and professional endeavors. We aim to bring awareness to the barriers women face as leaders today and the importance of having women serve in decision-making positions, with the overall goal of achieving gender equality.



SIPA Spectrum is an organization within which SIPA's LGBTQ+ and allied students may network, build a community, and hold dialogue on international and domestic issues, through which community members may access relevant resources and information.


Working Group on Race, Inequality, Solidarity, and Economics (RISE)

The mission of RISE is to create a safe environment for students to engage, in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity, in co-learning, discussions and activities towards solutions to diverse problems of social inequality, such as wealth and income inequality, poverty and racial, gender and economic disparities.


SIPA is home to over 50 diverse and vibrant student-led organizations.  A full list can be found here.