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The former acting dean, a specialist in Indian and South Asian history and cultural studies, died on June 5 at the age of 96.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter and a member of the Columbia University, faculty died on May 26 at a Fairfax County hospital.Dr...

Members of class taught by Yasmine Ergas present in Washington, D.C., on gender politics of populist and nationalist movements.

Organization runs mentorship and training programs to inspire girls and young women to become leaders.

Research examines the program’s impact on bus ridership.

The CEO of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas) explores how digital technology is disrupting the world order.

In this SIPA News Q&A, Dardari discusses her work at a communications firm that serves clients seeking progressive change.

In this SIPA News Q&A, Ismail discusses how he balances the demands of school and managing two enterprises in Pakistan.

The political scientist spoke with SIPA News about his research into how organized interests shape public policy.

Board member of central bank examines the Euro area crisis from Germany’s perspective.

Columbia Public Policy Review publishes articles and hosts events with focus on U.S. urban issues.

“How can the Fed avoid surprising markets?,” asks vice chairman

The former mayor of São Paulo spoke at this year’s Global Mayors Forum.

Public-service leave begins at conclusion of academic year.

Hundreds of alumni and students, faculty and friends gathered for historic series of festivities.

Civil rights icon keynotes 20th annual Dinkins Forum.

USP concentration and United States specialization welcome SIPA alumna and 12 students from the U.S. Military Academy

Panelists explore role of targeting-and-convincing infrastructure in the fake news phenomenon.

In this SIPA News Q&A, Nishimura discusses how he manages the demands of school, his social and family life, and his internship at Eurasia Group.

Innovative workshop addresses role of women as financial-service professionals, customers.

Former Estonian president Toomas Ilves joined SIPA scholars for a timely talk.

Canada’s Morneau discusses special economic relationship between two neighbors.

SIPA hosted a February 23 research conference devoted to “Optimal Bank Capital Regulation.”

SIPA’s Entrepreneurship and Policy Initiative joined Sidewalk Labs in hosting a panel of experts.

The Global Public Policy Network convened teams from member schools to present data-driven solutions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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