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The donation honors the memory of Dr. Clyde Wu, a former University trustee.

Lew will focus on a range of public policy issues including international economics and fiscal and trade policy.

Last week Professor Steven Cohen became the first faculty member to record an interview from SIPA’s new remote television studio.

Economist and PEPM director discusses his new book on macroeconomics amid liquidity crises and more.

Amando M. Tetangco, Jr., governor of the country’s central bank, discussed the importance of broad vision in public policy.

Activists and practitioners discussed possible scenarios in coming months and years along with strategies for organizing.

France's former minister for the economy is a founder of the political movement En Marche! and a candidate for next year’s presidential election.

Faculty experts discuss challenges facing the incoming Trump administration and the outlook for policy at home and abroad.

Panel discussion in Mexico City welcomes professor and far-flung alumni via Interactive video platform.

The Anita Datar Fellowship Fund, established by Columbia in her memory, is accepting donations.

Historian and former Israeli foreign minister gives the George McGovern Lecture

Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy-sponsored conference honors Professor Dirk Salomons and his contributions to the field.

As his term draws to a close, United Nations Secretary-General visits SIPA to deliver the annual Silver Lecture.

SIPA’s IO/UNS specialization hosted a panel discussion on the evolving relationship between the UN and World Bank.

Fifty years after publication of seminal work, scholarly conference addresses the resurfacing of institutional racism in American society and politics.

Looking back on his career, former track and specialization director discusses his current thinking on humanitarian action.

Networking reception brings 60 guests to IAB on October 13.

Scholars discuss how varied topics intersect with public policy.

Ernest J. Moniz discusses climate action plan, energy, and nuclear security.

Alfonso Prat-Gay says nation’s citizens are driving change.

Onetime mayoral candidate discusses her role as a groundbreaker and tells students to embrace their identities.

Veerathai Santiprabhob discusses conduct of monetary policy for Thailand and similar nations.

More than 150 attended the Migration Working Group’s conference on multi-stakeholder approaches.

As multilateral trade organizations draw increased scrutiny, distinguished guests joined Jagdish Bhagwati to discuss an agenda for the future.

Author and GWU professor gives eighth annual Kenneth N. Waltz Lecture in International Relations

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