Emcee Invest is social investing platform founded by Arash Asady’14. Emcee is on a mission to inspire the next generation of investors.

Emcee Invest
Location: USA

Why We Love Emcee Invest

Emcee Invest’s mission is to create the next generation of investors and to democratize investing. The team at Emcee believe that one reason people don’t or stop investing is financial literacy. Emcee Invest’s social investing platform allows investors to mirror the investments of their friends and to link existing brokerage accounts so that one can jointly invest with your friends and networks. Emcee also allows investors to donate a proportion of their profits to a charity of their choice.

Arash'S Entrepreneurial Journey

After SIPA, Arash worked on Wall Street for five years.  He quit his day job two years ago to become a fintech entrepreneur.  His first venture was building a robo-advisory platform for banks in South Africa.

Running a High Impact Business

Emcee measures its impact in a few ways -- first by counting how many people who have never invested (under 35) go on the platform. Next, they look at financial literacy.  In the future, they are looking to measure the impact of how much they are able to contribute to charity.

Arash says that the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is weathering the constant ups and downs of a start up.  What he loves, however, is his ability to wear multiple hats -- 8 of them at last count!

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Get out of the classroom!  Talk to your customers! While academic rigor is important, you really need to get outside, scan your market and get to know your customers.

Favorite PLACE on Campus

The pathway between Low Library and Butler. A walk on that aisle first inspired me to come to SIPA.

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