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Student Life

One of the integral functions of the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA is supporting and facilitating co-curricular activities and opportunities. SIPA students have exciting lives beyond the classroom. The resources on this page will acquaint you with extracurricular activities and services that will enhance your life on campus. A vibrant array of student groups organize programming on a variety of issues in international and public affairs, along with social events and community service. Learn about SIPA networking resources, publications, and campus services that will add value to your graduate school experience.

Student Organizations

Student Organization Resources


SIPA Timeout and Conference Travel

In addition to academics we believe that is is important to foster student's in their professional development and  relationships. In an effort to contribute to the growth of our students outsidethe classroom the School offers two programs that offer financial assistance; SIPA Timeout and SIPA Conference Travel Grants. Please click the link above for further information on the programs.


Student Leadership and Development - Coming Soon


For more information or questions about Student Life at SIPA, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.


OSA Mission Statement

Serving the largest and most diverse student population of International and Public Affairs schools, the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA provides programs and services that enhance the student experience in and out of the classroom.  We do this through our orientation of new students, academic advising and registration services, student life programming, degree certification and graduation exercises.  From admission through graduation, we are committed to guiding our students through any academic or personal challenges relating to their tenure at SIPA.