JD Work currently directs international research programs for the Cyber Conflict Documentation Project, a nonprofit academic collaboration that seeks to provide insight into the emerging strategic issues, economic consequences, and technology implications created by hostilities in the virtual domain. Mr. Work leads the Project's efforts to establish a reliable baseline of observations regarding the engagements, follow on effects, capabilities, doctrine, and drivers behind the antagonistic action of potential combatants in the networked environment. This nonpartisan and apolitical research serves to support network operators, policymakers, investors, civil society, and other stakeholders in formulating options for early warning, crisis management and crisis prevention both in and through cyberspace.

Mr. Work has over 20 years of experience addressing complex transnational issues and asymmetric threats. Before coming to CCDP he spent more than a decade working in cyber intelligence and information operations roles on behalf of private sector clients and the US government.

Since 2001, Mr. Work has developed and taught analytic tradecraft courses at a number of academic institutions and US government agencies.