Michael Gavin is a Managing Director and Head of Asset Allocation Research for the Americas at Barclays Capital, based in New York. Mr. Gavin joined Barclays Capital in 2009 as Head of Global Emerging Markets Strategy. 

Previously, he served as an Emerging Markets Economist at Citadel Investment Group, responsible for economic and market analysis underlying the emerging market desk’s currency, local rates, external debt, and equity markets investments. Before joining Citadel, Mr. Gavin was a Managing Director at UBS where he served as Head of Latin American Research. Prior to joining UBS, he was an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. He has also worked at the Federal Reserve Bank and been a visiting researcher and consultant at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  

Mr. Gavin works with G10 and Emerging Markets economists and strategists to identify trends in international asset flows and valuation, economic policy and currency movements, highlighting investment opportunities and implications for global asset allocation.

As an Associate Professor of Economics at Columbia University, he founded a new master’s programme for mid-career policymakers from emerging markets.

Mr. Gavin received a PhD in Economics from MIT.