Michael Silverman has held various offices specializing in strategic planning, program management, compliance, and policy development in both the public and private sectors. He spent 16 years as a senior compliance and human resources officer for Citigroup's global businesses. He is on the faculty of the FINRA (formerly NASD) Institute of Professional Development where he conducts a symposium on managing risk, compliance, and controls), and has spoken on the issues of compliance and ethics at various venues including the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton, the American Bankers Association (Annual Compliance Conference), and the International Center for Corporate Accountability (International Conference on Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Multinational Corporations). Silverman has been an adjunct faculty member at the School of International and Public Affairs since 2004, and has also taught at Temple University and the City University of New York.

In addition to his experience at Citigroup, Silverman has worked as a consultant to various private and public organizations, including the U.S. Department of Commerce and the New York State Assembly, and managed two government agencies at the state and county levels. He is the author of the Compliance Management for Public, Private or Nonprofit Organizations (2008), McGraw-Hill, New York, New York.

Silverman holds a BA in political science (1967) and an MA in public administration (1970) from Temple University.