Olivier Nay is the Alliance Visiting Professor at SIPA. He has worked at UNESCO as a Principal Advisor in the fields of HIV/AIDS and education. He supported the UNESCO Executive Director during his chairmanship of the UNAIDS Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations (2003-04). During 2004-07 he also participated in the EDUCAIDS initiative launched by UNESCO and UNAIDS. In 2007 Professor Nay returned to academic life. Professor Nay was the Vice-president of the French Association of Political Science (2010-2017), Chair of the Political Science section of the French National Academic Council (Conseil national des universities, 2009-15) and Vice-chair of the Executive Board of the National Academic Council (2011-15). His research projects focus on international organisations, development policies, public administration reforms, expert communities, expertise and knowledge, and the transnational circulation of global norms in the field of development and security.