The SIPA Consulting Club (SCC) seeks to provide SIPA and other Columbia graduate students who have a career interest in management and development consulting with the tools necessary to build their professional network and to be competitive in the industry.  In the past, our events have included alumni panels, consulting boot camps, educational workshops, mock interviews, casing Fridays, and case competitions in collaboration with consulting firms.

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2018 Board

  • Gloria Gao, Co-President
  • Sally Gao, Co-President
  • Tiffany Cheng, VP of External Relations
  • Emma Raymond, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Terry Zhang, Director of University Outreach
  • Chloe Wang, VP of Finance
  • Lukshmee Saravanapavan, VP of Events
  • Yanting Hu, Director of Event Planning & Execution
  • Elvina Fan, VP of Operations
  • Tarang Singhal, Director of Analytics
  • James Lin, Director of Communications
  • Molly Rhoads Blessing, VP of Intellectual Property
  • Louise Contino, VP of Case Competition
  • Pintian Chen, VP of Case Competition

2017 Board

  • Natasha Villacorta,  Co-President
  • Marcos Paya,  Co-President
  • Lorenzo Ligato,  VP of Finance
  • Shivani  Agrawal, VP of Marketing and Communications
  • Shibani Pandey, VP of Events
  • Mario Lopez Ahumada, Co-Chair of Case Competition 
  • Bella Zou, Co-Chair of Case Competition 
  • Yang Hu, Case Interview Chair

2016 Board

  • Roger Nathanial Ashby, Co-President
  • Cathy Chen, Co-President 
  • Marcos Paya, VP of Events
  • Aishwarya Visweswaran, VP of Communications 
  • Nicholas Donias, Co-Chair of Case Competition 
  • Yuvraj Singh, Co-Chair of Case Competition
  • Yuanyuan Zhang,  Director of Case Interview Prep