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January 2018|American Economic Journal: Applied Economics|Rodrigo Soares, Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Gabriel Ulyssea

Economic Shocks and Crime: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade Liberalization

January 2018|Urban Disasters|Dale Buscher

Refugees in the City: Promoting Resilience and Restoring Dignity

October 2017|Positioning Markets and Governments in Public Management|Josephine Joyce Miller

Causes and Ramifications of Public Pension Fund Underfunding: A Case Study of the New Jersey Pension Funds

October 2017|American Economic Journal: Applied Economics|Rodrigo Soares, Cláudio Ferraz , Rudi Rocha
October 2017|Columbia University|Guillermo Calvo
October 2017|Reassembling Motherhood|Yasmine Ergas
October 2017|Oxford Handbook of American Political Development|Robert Shapiro