Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs comprises more than 70 full-time faculty and more than 200 adjunct faculty, scholars, and practitioners. All have distinguished themselves in research and leadership in the policy world, and have produced scholarship in a wide variety of subjects, including international relations, democratization, elections, demography, and social policy.

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March 2017|Economics of Tax Policy|Wojciech Kopczuk
February 2017|World Politics Review|Christopher Sabatini
February 2017|Electoral Studies Volume 45|Maria Victoria Murillo, Giancarlo Visconti
February 2017|Journal of Economic Perspective |Shang-Jin Wei, Zhuan Xie , Xiaobo Zhang
February 2017|Princeton University Press|Robert Jervis
February 2017|Daily News|Ester R. Fuchs, Patricia Culligan
February 2017|Journal of International Money and Finance|Shang-Jin Wei, Woochan Kim, Taeyoon Sung
February 2017|Journal of the European Economics Association|Scott Barrett, Astrid Dannenberg
February 2017|Electoral Studies|Robert Shapiro, Viviana Rivera-Burgos, Narayani Lasala-Blanco