Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs comprises more than 70 full-time faculty and more than 200 adjunct faculty, scholars, and practitioners. All have distinguished themselves in research and leadership in the policy world, and have produced scholarship in a wide variety of subjects, including international relations, democratization, elections, demography, and social policy.

January 1990|The Forum of International Relations|Fumiko Sasaki, Inoguchi Takashi

Policy Recommendations for Japanese Prime Minster Kaifu

November 1989|Columbia University Press|Robert Jervis

This study focuses on the ways states can affect the images other countries have of them and thereby exercise influence withouth the cost of altering their own policies.

November 1989|Cornell University Press|Robert Jervis

Robert Jervis argues here that the possibility of nuclear war has created a revolution in military strategy and international relations. He examines how the potential for nuclear Armageddon has changed the meaning of war, the psychology of statesmanship, and the formulation of military policy by the superpowers.

December 1988|Russell Sage Foundation|Ester R. Fuchs

City-State Relations in the Criminal Justice System

November 1988|Bilateral Commission on the Future of Mexican-United States Relations|John Coatsworth, Carlos Rico

Images of Mexico in the United States

October 1988|Center for Strategic and International Studies|Stephen Sestanovich
October 1988|Jagdish Bhagwati


October 1988|Princeton University Press|Alfred Stepan

One of the hemisphere's foremost authorities on the military's role in politics, particularly in Brazil, Alfred Stepan focuses sharply on how the armed forces have participated in the process of transition from authoritarian rule to democratic politics in Brazil, with comparative references to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Spain. A lucid and provocative analysis of an important and underresearched topic

July 1988|in The Economics of Inventory Management, Chikan, A. and M.C. Lovell (eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam|Patricia Mosser

Empirical Tests of the (S,s) Model for Merchant Wholesalers

July 1988|Columbia University Discussion Paper, No. 395|Patricia Mosser

The (S,s) Model and Evidence on Aggregate Materials Inventories