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Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs
International Affairs Building, Room 1329


Fcous areas: Security policy, technology and urban operations in counterinsurgency

Austin Long is an assistant professor, teaching security policy.

Long previously worked as an associate political scientist for the RAND Corporation, serving in Iraq as an analyst and advisor to the Multinational Force Iraq and the U.S. military. He also worked as a consultant to MIT Lincoln Laboratory, on a study of technology and urban operations in counterinsurgency.

Long is the author of Deterrence - From Cold War to Long War: Lessons from Six Decades of RAND Research and On "Other War": Lessons from Five Decades of RAND Counterinsurgency Research.

Long was co-founder of the Working Group on Insurgency and Irregular Warfare at the MIT Center for International Studies and is a participant in the RAND Counterinsurgency Board of Experts. He has also taught on international security at Clark University.

Long has a BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Research & Publications

US Military Transformation and Innovation since the Cold War: Creation Without Destruction
Austin Long