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Adjunct Professor


Steven H. Nemerovski is an Adjunct Professor with the School of International and Public Affairs.  He is currently teaching “Advocacy and The Legislative Process”, a course designed to provide students with an understanding of the legislative process, the role of advocacy and the tools needed to navigate successful outcomes.

Professor Nemerovski has spent the greater part of his career in law, government and politics.   He was the Parliamentarian for the Illinois House of Representatives (1995-96) and is an expert in legislative process.  As an attorney in government service, Professor Nemerovski was General Counsel to the Illinois Housing Development Authority (1986-92), Special Counsel to The Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives (1996-97) and outside general counsel to various state agencies in Illinois.  He also served as Special Counsel to the Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools (1997-2000).  His political experience includes serving as campaign manager for three campaigns for candidates seeking election to the Illinois House and he has consulted on many other campaigns.

He is currently the President of Knell Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in advocacy at the state level in Illinois and at the Federal level in D.C.   Professor Nemerovski has represented a wide variety of clients while generally specializing in healthcare.  He is best known for his work representing hospitals that disproportionately serve Medicaid patients, including the Association of Safety-net Community Hospitals, an organization that he created and has represented since 2004.

Professor Nemerovski is actively engaged in efforts to confront and develop solutions for political dysfunction and polarization.  He produces the “None Of The Above” television programming on Grassroots TV in Aspen CO and the "None Of The Above" website (  He is also the author of the “Third Party” series of political novels: “Third Party Volume I: Starting In The Middle” and “Third Party Volume II: Strange Bedfellows” (