Faculty Support

A gift to support faculty helps SIPA’s efforts in recruiting expert scholars and practitioners, fund research on the School’s diverse topics, and bring high profile visiting professors and fellows from around the world to campus to advance dialogue with students, alumni, and friends.

SIPA’s exceptional faculty include University Professors, Nobel Laureates, expert leaders and practitioners in their respective fields, etc. With the establishment of endowed chairs, the School can leverage this support to encourage new and current faculty to continue their research and teachings at Columbia University furthering the intellectual capital of the School.

Gifts to support faculty and visiting fellows’ research provide vital funding, foster the intellectual life of the School.

Financial Aid and Fellowships 

Providing opportunities to remarkable students from around the world and maintaining SIPA’s rich diversity require significant financial aid. Fellowships to support SIPA students are a vital in recruiting the best and the brightest students from across the globe and making a SIPA education possible. Expanding fellowship opportunities for students is central to the school’s mission and among the school’s chief fundraising priorities. Gifts to support fellowships provide vital resources to recruit and train outstanding students poised to become future policy leaders.

For more information on supporting fellowships at SIPA please contact:

Bobbie Smith
Assistant Director, Donor Relations


SIPA Centers 

SIPA is home to five interdisciplinary centers that help focus the school’s work in key areas of public policy. They sponsor research, events, and other programming that brings together scholars, researchers, practitioners, students, and policymakers for dialogue and learning. Gifts to support the centers provide vital resources for research and programming.

The Center for Development Economics and Policy (CDEP) supports microeconomic research to investigate the sources of poverty and to inform practical interventions to address them.

The Center on Global Energy Policy provides independent, balanced, data-driven analysis to help policymakers navigate the complex world of energy.

The Deepak and Neera Raj Center on Indian Economic Policies is committed to improving understanding of the Indian economy through research and the dissemination of knowledge to practitioners, policymakers, students and scholars worldwide through ongoing dialogues on major policy issues facing India.

The Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies is committed to building a stock of knowledge probing the political, military, historical, legal, economic, moral, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of international relations.

The Center on Global Economic Governance is a premier Center for producing a new wave of policy-oriented research on global economic governance, stressing excellence and recognition.

For more information on supporting SIPA centers and initiatives, please email devsipa@columbia.edu