A series of background papers were released to form a basis for discussion for each of the panels. These papers were contributed by the Research Advisory Network (RAN) of the Global Commission on Internet Governance and by speakers who took part in the event. 

Plenary Panel 1: Examining the Future of the Open and Universal Internet

Plenary Panel 2: The Future of Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance

Panel 3A: Human rights, Freedom of Expression and the Internet

Panel 3B:  Trade, Internet Governance, and Cross-border Data Flows 

  • Information Flow and Trade Agreements: History and Implications for Consumers’ Privacy, by Alberto Cerda and Carolina Rossini

Panel 4: Privacy, Big Data and the Internet

Panel 5:  Mitigating Cyber-risks in Critical Infrastructure: Private and Public Responses for the Financial Sector

Panel 6A:  Nuclear vs Cyber: Conflict & Deterrence

Panel 6B:  Cyber security and the Internet of Things