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Columbia SIPA’s Digital Futures Policy Forum is envisioned as a long-term intellectual initiative to reimagine our digital future, focus on the potential benefits and costs arising from global digital technology changes and, importantly, anticipate public policy solutions to emerging problems that will shape the future of society and the economy for generations to come. The 2016 forum considerd both domestic and international dimensions of data governance in the context of technological change and globalization.

Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2016


The forum featured: 

  • Seven panels and two keynote presentations to discuss future technology trends, their policy consequences and possible solutions
  • Thought leaders including Columbia University faculty from SIPA, business, law, engineering, journalism; influential policy makers, entrepreneurs, legal experts, technologists, and corporate executives from around the world.
  • Session highlights included:
    • Global Cyber Security Challenges around Data 
    • National Data Sovereignty in the Global Economy
    • Preserving Individuals’ Rights in the Context of Massive Data Collection
    • Cyber Conflict: Prevention, Stability and Control
    • The Potential and Pitfalls of an Algorithmic Society 
    • On Notice: The Coming Transformation of Key Economic Sectors  
    • Open Data for Civic Engagement and Urban Governance

Read the Proceedings from the 2016 Forum