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A series of new courses and workshops have been created to train the next generation of students and scholars to contribute to public policy responses to the challenges that new technologies bring. There is no single degree program in existence today that equips young professionals in government or the private sector with the expertise to engage both the technical and the policy issues arising today with respect to internet policy matters. SIPA fills this gap with classes including data analytics, programming, new enterprise development and beyond. 

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A list of some of the technology and public policy related courses can be found below: 

Spring 2017

INAF U6004: Programming for Entrepreneurs, taught by Sameer Maskey

INAF U6120: Tools and Craft of Multi-Platform Storytelling, taught by Chris Booker

INAF U6144: Media Campaigning and Social Change, taught by Anya Schiffrin & Minky Worden

INAF U6198: Technology for International Crisis Response & Good Governance, taught by Nick Martin

INAF U6202: Communications Policy in the Digital Age, taught by Peter Micek

INAF U6203: Digitial Activism, taught by Jason Ng

INAF U6382: Technology, National Security & the Citizen, taught by Alexis Wichowski

INAF U6386: Policy Dilemmas in Cybersecurity, taught by Jason Healey

INAF U6508: Using Big Data to Develop Public Policy, taught by Francesco Brindisi

INAF U6511: Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization, taught by Dino Sossi

INAF U6512: Data Driven Approaches for Campaigns and Advocacy, taught by Mark Steitz

INAF U6515: Technology and the Future of Governance and Public Policy, taught by Hollie Russon Gilman & Ari Wallach

INAF U6516: Entrepreneurship for the New (Technology) Economy: Launching & Executing a Tech Business,taught by Hilary Gosher

INAF U6517: Tech, Policy, and Culture in the Developing World: Living on the Edge, taught by Ronaldo Lemos

INAF: U6379: Privacy, Secrecy and Surveillance - History and the Future, taught by Matthew Connelly

INAF U8254 How to Manage the Regulatory Conflicts and Opportunities of the Digital Economy, taught by Eli Noam

PUAF U6135 Civic Innovation and Building a People-Centered Government, taught by Evagelia Tavoulareas

SIPA U4022 Research, Design & Prototype a Mobile App, taught by Matthew Weber

Fall 2016

ENVP U6275: GIS for International Studies, taught by Malanding Jaiteh

INAF U6004: Programming for Entrepreneurs, taught by Sameer Maskey

INAF U6006: Computing in Context, taught by Adam Cannon and Gregory Falco

INAF U6120: Tools and Craft of Multi-Platform Storytelling, taught by Chris Booker

INAF U6209: E-Government & Digital Diplomacy, taught by Alexis Wichowski

INAF U6211: Technology Solutions for Development & Social Change, taught by Eric Cantor

INAF U6383: Dynamics of Cyber Power and Conflict, taught by Jason Healey

INAF U6924: The Panama Papers, taught by Jenik Radon and Anya Schiffrin

INAF U8217: Tools and Principles for Managing in the Information Economy and the Media Sector, taught by Eli Noam        

PUAF U6212: Digital Media Management, taught by Dorian Benkoil

SIPA U4020: Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization, taught by Dino Sossi

Internet Technology, Economics and Policy, taught by Henning Schulzinne (cross-registration required as course taught in the Engineering School)

Capstone Workshops

A list of some of the technology and public policy related capstone workshops can be found below: 

2017-2018 Tech & Policy Related Capstone Workshops

Mapping the Conversation: From Big Data to the Real Voices of Trump Supporters and Opposers
Client: Alto Data Analytics

How Governments Strategically Harness Technology in the 21st Century
Client: Eurasia Group

Assessing Social Media-Driven Influence Operations in Latin America
Client: FireEye

Estonia, The Skype Nation—How a Small Nation Can be a Global Leader and Punch Above its Weight
Client: Government of Estonia

Best Practices and Policies for an Ever More AI Dependent World
Client: IBM GBS, Watson AI Center of Competence

Counting on the Cloud: Implications of Third-Party Vendor Risk on Financial Stability in the Cyber Age
Client: Institute for International Finance

E-Commerce Last Mile Logistics
Client: Inter-American Development Bank

NATO and the Role of Cyber Capabilities for Strategic Stability and Deterrence
Client: New America, Cybersecurity Initiative

Offline Internet Resources for Rural Schools in Peru
Client: Peru's Ministry of Education (MINEDU)

Identifying and Responding to Russian (Mis-)Information
Client: RAND

Applications for the Emerging Blockchain Ecosystem
Client: TechPar Group

Using Big Data to Prevent Conflict
Client: United Nations Peacebuilding Operations

Urban Futures, Technology and Military Operations: Managing Disaster, Terror, and Tanks in 2020-2040
Client: United States Chief of Staff of Army, Army Future Studies Group (AFSG)

Cyber Analogies in Comparative Perspective
Client: United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM)

Social Media and Violent Extremism: Strategies and Methods to Identify, Monitor, and Influence Extremist Behavior Online
Client: United States Department of State, Global Engagement Center

Innovation and Technology in UN Peace Operations
Client: United States Mission to the United Nations (USUN)

2016-2017 Tech & Policy Related Capstone Workshops

Cyber Security, Big Data, Infrastructure, Mobile Marketing, Social Media—AXA Strategic Ventures Survey Tristate Area CIOs and IT groups on IT Spending Changes
Client: AXA Strategic Ventures  

Identifying Correlations between Cyber Health and Socioeconomic Conditions
Client: CyberGreen      

Technology and the 21st Century State
Client: Eurasia Group

Labor Market Drivers of Future Cyber Threat Activity
Client: FireEye

Beyond Fitbit: Trends and Healthcare Policy Considerations for the Cognitive Internet of Things
Client: IBM Market Development and Insights Group  

Improving Supply Chain Performance with New Digital Technologies
Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Analyzing Risk for Financial Institutions—Recommendations for ways to Improve/Adapt Current Model to Better Address Emerging Threats
Client: Morgan Stanley

Cybersecurity as an Engine for Growth
Client: New America Foundation, Cybersecurity Initiative

Measuring Systemic Risk through Open Source Tools to Determine Collateralized Exposure Calculations
Client: Quaternion Risk Management

Analyzing the Re-balance of Global Crude Oil Markets
Client: Thomson Reuters, Wood Mackenzie     

Digital Financial Services and Fintech in Africa: Using Partial Credit Guarantees to Promote Financial Inclusion
Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)   

Technological Change and China’s Public Security System
Client: United States Defense Intelligence Agency

Digital Early Warning—Identifying the Very Early Key Indicators of Radicalization by Known Extremists on Social Media
Client: United States Department of State, Global Engagement Center

Economic/Financial Analysis and Impact Assessment of World Bank Financed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investments in Malawi
Client: World Bank Group