The 2017 Global Digital Futures Policy Forum

Few human achievements are as global in nature and ambition as the internet. Yet this global resource is expanding and being challenged by geopolitical, technological and policy trends. Are borders - physical and digital - coming back?

Columbia SIPA’s Digital Futures Policy Forum is envisioned as a long-term intellectual initiative to reimagine our digital future, focus on the potential benefits and costs arising from global digital technology changes. The purpose of this conference is not only to identify immediate challenges but also to look ahead to emerging challenges and possible policy responses.

Across six panels focusing on industrial vs commercial uses of the internet, digital trade, trust and assurance, global platforms and international development, conflict and democracy and financial systemic risks, this year’s Global Digital Futures Policy Forum will focus on this tension between fragmentation of the internet and globalization.

The participants

Beyond a keynote by Eric Schmidt (Alphabet Inc.), confirmed speakers include:

  • Usman Ahmed (PayPal)
  • Douglas Brent (Trimble)
  • Anupam Chander (UC Davis School of Law)
  • Josh Corman (Atlantic Council)
  • Laura DeNardis (American University)
  • William Drake (University of Zurich)
  • Andrea Glorioso (EU Delegation to the US)
  • Gordon Goldstein (CFR)
  • Jason Healey (Columbia SIPA)
  • Dean Merit Janow (Columbia SIPA)
  • Sean Kanuck (Stanford CISAC)
  • Karen Kornbluh (CFR)
  • Ronaldo Lemos (Institute for Technology & Society Rio)
  • Petros Mavroidis (Columbia Law School)
  • Susan McGregor (Tow Center for Digital Journalism)
  • Angela McKay (Microsoft)
  • Ricardo Melendez (ICTSD)
  • Peter Micek (AccessNow)
  • Eli Noam (Columbia Business School)
  • Joseph Nye (Harvard)
  • Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh (UAE)
  • Greg Rattray (JPMorgan)
  • Katheryn Rosen (Atlantic Council)
  • Paul Twomey (ArgoPacific, Former ICANN CEO)
  • Matthew Waxman (Columbia Law School)