November 19, 2014

Lauren Greubel MPA ’15 recently traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan, to present as a panelist at the First Global Forum on Youth Policies.

“I spoke primarily about the importance of addressing needs of youth through education and engaging youth in the design of education systems,” she told SIPA News. “Young people can definitely play a valuable role in developing more effective and inclusive education strategies.”

At the Forum, Greubel represented the Global Partnership for Education, a multilateral fund for education, where she has worked as a consultant for the last year. She said it was a valuable experience to meet youth leaders from almost 200 countries and discuss how policies are being designed and implemented throughout the world.

Before beginning her graduate studies in fall 2013, Greubel worked on international education policy at the Brookings Institution for three years. At SIPA she is concentrating in Economic and Political Development with a specialization in Gender and Public Policy.

“I’ve been able to apply the skills I’ve learned at SIPA in real time,” she said, citing classes including Economic Development for International Affairs, which have given her an economic foundation for her work, and multiple courses she has taken in the Gender and Public Policy specialization.

Greubel spent last summer in Mozambique working with the International Youth Foundation on vocational training programs for young people orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. She described how the experience allowed her to see firsthand the common disconnect between policy design and implementation.

“Policy doesn’t always seem connected to what is happening at the ground level,” Greubel said. “Working in Mozambique gave me a chance to see how policies actually impact youth in the real world.”

After graduation, Greubel said, she plans to continue working on international youth education and gender.

“I’d love to stay in New York to get to know the city better,” she said, “but I would also like to see in how young people are leading development in their own countries in greater depth.”