December 11, 2014

A delegation of SIPA students was joined by Dean Merit E. Janow at the 2014 conference of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN), hosted by the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin on December 5 through 7.

Also taking part in the photograph above is economist Takatoshi Ito, who will be joining SIPA’s faculty in January.

SIPA students presented the following seven papers:

Lara Pham MIA ’15: “The Responsibility to Protect: Whom Do We (Choose to) Protect?”

Ren Yan Yoong MIA ’16: “Private Policymaking in New York City’s Parks”

George Hampton MPA-EPM ’15: De Jure vs. De Facto: Nation-States’ Failure to Govern the Multinational Corporation”

Adriana Enriquez Quezada MPA-DP ’15 and Carolina Iris Mayen MPA-DP ’15: “To What Extent Do States Have a Responsibility to Protect?”

Agathe L'Homme MIA ’15, Sara Rossi MPA ’15, and Nicolle Aya Konai MIA ’15: “Responsibility to Protect: a Victory for a Responsive International Community or an Impracticable Tool?”

Aaron Shortell MIA ’16, Jenny Lee MIA ’16, and Pearline Yum MIA ’16: “The Legitimacy of Humanitarian Intervention: To What Extent do States Have the Responsibility to Protect?”

Lia Cairone and Martin Roeck MPA ’16: “Thinking Beyond the State: Global Governance Lessons from the Nile River Basin Conflict”

Dean Janow spoke briefly at the conference about the nature and usefulness of international frameworks. Among other things she discussed the utility of international sanctions, recent shifts in global sources of growth and geopolitical influences, and how economic interdependence can create more openness between countries. View remarks

The GPPN is a partnership of seven leading public policy schools worldwide.

Thanks to Adriana Enriquez for sharing the photograph above.