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Office of Student Affairs

Serving the largest and most diverse student population of International and Public Affairs schools, the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA provides programs and services that enhance the student experience in and out of the classroom. We do this through our orientation of new students, academic advising and registration services, student life programming, and degree certification and graduation exercises. From admission through graduation, we are committed to guiding our students through any academic or personal challenges relating to their tenure at SIPA.


Academic Advising
At SIPA, we have designed an academic advising partnership that gives you exposure to as many administrators and faculty members as possible to assure your successful matriculation. During your time at SIPA you will have three primary advisers whose goal is to help you navigate the curriculum and successfully complete your degree. After you are accepted and you have paid your tuition deposit, students in the 2-year programs will be assigned a Dean from SIPA’s Office of Student Affairs whose primary responsibility is to advise you on the Core requirements and to connect you to both SIPA and Columbia resources. Students in the PhD, MPA-DP, PESP, PEPM, and EMPA programs will be advised by designated staff members from each program.
The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating course registration processes and procedures.
Student Life
One of the integral functions of the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA is supporting and facilitating co-curricular activities and opportunities. Learn about the vibrant array of student groups organize programming on a variety of issues in international and public affairs, SIPA networking resources, student publications, student organizations, and campus services that will add value to your graduate school experience.
Meet the OSA Deans
The Dean's in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) advise students on academic matters related to the MIA and MPA Core Curriculum and assist students with general questions related to their studies and their lives as students at Columbia and SIPA.
Tutoring Services at SIPA
The Office of Student Affairs provides provides Math and Writing tutors at not cost to all SIPA students.
OSA News
The OSA News is an email digest containing information of interest to SIPA students. Produced by the Office of Student Affairs, it is sent to all SIPA students, usually weekly on Mondays.
OSA Forms
On this page you will find links to forms and applications that are filed with the Office of Student Affairs.
TimeOut SIPA and Conference Travel Fund
SIPA has funds available for students traveling to professional conferences and the TimeOut SIPA is a program that brings SIPA faculty and students together outside the classroom ...