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SIPA IT Services

SIPA IT Help Desk: 212-854-0112

The Office of Information Technology at SIPA is the primary source of technology support for SIPA students, faculty, and staff. Services offered by the SIPAIT include:

  • Access to the SIPA network;
  • MySIPA Citrix Portal for students;
  • Maintain and support student computer labs;
  • Purchase and configure systems for faculty and staff;
  • Laptop support for students;
  • Provide AV support for SIPA E-rooms, events and video conference.
IT Services for Students
All SIPA students are required to have a laptop with an Operating System in English language.
Services for Faculty and Staff
Customized systems for faculty and standard systems for staff are supported by SIPA IT.
AV Services
Audiovisual support is available for the SIPA electronic classrooms (e-rooms), self-service rooms, non-erooms, events and video conferencing.
For new software and systems announcements
Policies and Procedures
SIPA computing guidelines complement the University guidelines. SIPA IT endeavors to create an atmosphere that balances respect for individual computer users and SIPA resources in order to maximize the greatest benefit for all users while maintaining ethical and community standards of SIPA and Columbia University.
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