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SIPA Career Coaches (SIPACC)

SIPA’s Office of Career Services (OCS) offers numerous ways to assist current students with their job search and professional networking. One of these ways is the SIPA Career Coaching (SIPACC) program, which was created by OCS as a supplement to its services.While OCS advisers will continue to provide counsel with regard to career advising services and general industry knowledge, SIPACC coaches are experts in their field who can offer industry-specific knowledge for current students who are contemplating various career choices or seeking targeted and specific information about particular fields of interest.

SIPACC coaches set and manage their own schedules via SIPAlink, so interested students should sign up for available 30-minute coaching sessions through this system.   In addition to their other full-time work responsibilities, SIPACC coaches have committed to serving for minimum of five hours per month throughout the academic year (early September to mid-May), which amounts to 10 available appointments per month. 

In each 30-minute coaching sessions, a SIPACC coach will:

  • Dispense industry-specific job advice in their field(s).
  • Share their knowledge about various career opportunities related to the advisee’s SIPA concentration or specialization.
  • Establish steps that should be undertaken by the advisee in order to advance in a particular industry.
  • Offer other career advice at their discretion.

Terms of Use

Carefully read the following Terms and Conditions. Your use of SIPACC services implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions:

  • This program is an educational endeavor, so SIPACC coaches are not engaged in recruiting.  However, you should always act professionally when interacting with SIPACC coaches.
  • Always have your resume and other career-related materials prepared before your SIPACC appointment. Make sure to have your resume and cover letter reviewed by OCS prior to your SIPACC appointment.
  • Do not ask a SIPACC coach for a job or to forward your resume to someone else. The purpose of SIPACC program is to provide insight into the industry of your interest.  If you are unsure about your job search strategy, please call OCS to arrange an appointment with an OCS adviser.
  • You should be well-prepared for your SIPACC appointment. Since you will be taking the lead, decide what kind of information you would like to gather and prepare questions in advance.
  • Be honest about your background and skills in order to receive the most practical advice for your career search.
  • Students and alumni are allowed three career advising appointments per semester. If you fail to show up or notify the SIPA Career Coach that you cannot keep your appointment, it will be counted as one of the three sessions you are allotted per semester (see cancellation policy below).

Cancellation policy

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your SIPACC appointment, you must de-register via SIPAlink at least 24-hours before the start of the appointment.   If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance, it will be counted as one of the three sessions you are allotted per semester to speak with a SIPA Career Coach. 

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a SIPA Career Coach, please click here.  If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment with a SIPACC coach or have an urgent matter, please contact OCS either via telephone (212) 854-4613 or email