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SIPA Instructor Permission Courses

SIPA Instructor Permission Courses

Certain SIPA courses require approval by the instructor before a student is permitted to register. Reasons for Instructor Permission Courses include checking pre-requisites, giving priority to second-year students, and/or to maintain a class size appropriate for the course. These SIPA Instructor Permission Courses are listed in SIPA Course Directory and the Directory of Classes as “Instructor Approval Required.”

Students cannot register directly  for SIPA Instructor Permission Courses. Please follow the process below:

Step 1. Add your name to the course waitlist. If additional documentation is required students will receive notification while submitting your name to the waitlist.

Step 2. Instructors will approve students from the waitlist

Step 3. Students who apply will be notified of the instructor's decision via e-mail.  If a student is selected for the course they will be automatically registered for the course.

Spring 2014 Instructor Permission Course List

INAF U6062 Advanced Energy Markets and Innovation Travis Bradford
INAF U6074 Current Issues in Energy Policy David Sandalow
INAF U6164 Political Economy and Development: Africa and the World Christopher Blattman
INAF U6347 US Role in World Affairs II Stephen Sestanovich
INAF U6440 Peace Operations in Fragile States Jean-Marie Guehenno
INAF U6564 Applied Peace Building Zachary Metz
INAF U8292 ICR Practicum Marc Jacquand
INAF U8621 US-China Negotiation Workshop Patrick Chovanec
PUAF U6190 Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development Lisa Sachs