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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the SIPA lab?
Who do I contact about my e-mail account?
How do I check my e-mail quota?
How do I get access to space for my own Web page?
Where can I get an Internet connection for my laptop?
Can I connect using wireless technology at SIPA?
What sort of AV equipment is available?
How do I request AV materials?
I can't login. Who do I contact?
How do I add money to my printing account?
If I have problems or questions about the lab, who do I contact?
When does my SIPA lab ID expire?
What is the current policy on email for students who are graduating? For how long will their Email IDs remain active before they must forward it?
Can I download my email from CubMail?
For how long can I have access to Courseworks?
Can I continue to get software downloads from CU?
Can I still purchase computers through the CU Educational program or from SIPA Apple Store?
For how long can I access Library resources?