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IT Services

Support for Faculty

SIPA IT will provide IT services to SIPA faculty for a fee. These charges are billed to the computer setup account or a research account for equipment and setup costs as listed below. Desktop backup is limited to 5GB compressed diskspace with CUIT supported Connected DataProtector. Pictures and music are not backed up. Faculty with large data are advised to backup on external drives. WiFi is available throughout the building, and in every classroom.

Support for SIPA Staff

SIPA IT will provide IT services to SIPA offices for standard hardware and software setups. However, special requests for equipment or software may be charged to each office after review of their request by the Executive Director of IT and in discussion with the Associate Dean of Finances. SIPA IT will determine and upgrade equipment as needed. Desktops for the senior staff and administrators are backed up with CUIT supported Connected DataProtector. Backup space for each user is limited and music is not backed up.

All SIPA Staff will have an email account on the Office 365 Online Exchange with email address. In addition, audio and video conference service with Lync, ShsrePoint site and "One Drive" will be available in summer 2014.

Software Available for Faculty and Staff

Support for Institutes and Centers

SIPA IT will work with all units associated with SIPA to provide them desktop and network support; advise and help purchase equipment as needed. Senior administrators in each unit will determine which systems are setup for backup with CUIT supported Connected DataProtector. Backup space for each user is limited and music is not backed up.

Rates for SIPA IT Services


Charges as of 
July 1, 2013


Purchase of hardware &/or Software

at cost price.

SIPA IT will provide free consultation and facilitate purchase of equipment, software and peripherals.


$80 per hour for SIPA IT purchased equipment;

initial Setup charge; includes network setup & software.

IT Support

$80 per hour for SIPA IT purchased equipment; $105 per hour for all other equipment (support is subject to staff availability)

IT staff will provide support for 15 minutes at no cost. After that minimum charge is in 30 minute increments.

Network Access

$20 per month for staff

$10 per month for student staff in SIPA offices

per user account with1 GB per user space for staff and administrators; Student staff access is restricted to shared drive.

Includes backup of network data at no extra charge.

Exchange Server

$15 per month for calendaring & Email when email is supported.

For calendaring only:

$50 per hour setup & $10 per month for additional 10GB of space.

Exchange account for personal calendar/contact/tasks and shared calendar/ tasks/contacts – 1 GB space per account.

Workgroup/shared space

$20 per month per 10 GB of space.

Can be shared with student ws/casuals per office with no personal space.


Additional space $10 per month per 10 GB of space.

Additional space per GB.



This includes any call initiated by SIPA IT for ensuring up to date virus definitions, system patch deployment, network upgrade, network related issue that is not caused by a user.

Connected Backup with CUIT site license

$50 annually

per system for non-SIPA units; limited space (musicn and videos are not backed up).

Security equipment

at cost price.

Depends on use of Kensington lock and/or other cable locking mechanism.

Printer maintenance

at cost price

by Printer model with Key Systems.

Any specialized software

at cost price based on number of licenses

CUIT site license annual charge with no added at cost (no overhead charge by SIPA IT).

Audio Visual services in SIPA E-rooms

$80 per hour; $675 per term for a non-SIPA course; $105 per hour non-SIPA events.

Varies for use of SIPA e-room for a term; non-SIPA office events are charged for this service @$80 per hour.

Expedite fee for requests scheduled less than 3 business days in advance: $250

Audio Visual services


For registered SIPA student group events and SIPA offices during the regular hours of AV support.

Audio Visual services (SIPA Event Space)

Visit for rate card and special packages for 1501, 1510 and 1512.

For Kellogg Center

Video Conference

$75 per event

Expedite fee for requests scheduled less than a week in advance: $250 plus VC charges.

Special Projects, such as creating an e-Room


Project based.