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Energy and Environment

SIPA's Energy and Environment (EE) Concentration provides students with the industry knowledge and analytic toolkit necessary to develop and implement solutions to key global challenges in the energy and environment space. Students are uniquely trained to integrate and resolve issues facing public, private, and nonprofit firms in this field. 

SIPA Energy and Environment students

In addition to over ninety specialized courses available from worldclass faculty, students also have access to a number of exceptional professional development opportunities, including: internships and Capstone Workshops with prestigious firms, corporate engagement with New York City’s business community, and conferences with preeminent thought-leaders. The program also draws on related activities across Columbia University, from the Center on Global Energy Policy and the Earth Institute to the schools of business, law, science, and public health. SIPA’s EE Concentration offers an unrivaled set of resources and programs to train experts in this field.

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The Latest in EE

Recent updates from SIPA's EE Concentration

  • CGEP: Brian Deese, Senior Advisor to President Obama, White House
  • EE Students Launch Solar Start-Up in Sierra Leone
  • Adjunct Professor Daniel Gross on Finance in the Renewable Energy Sector

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SIPA’s EE Concentration provides students with robust industry knowledge

EE students specialize in one of three focus areas - Global Energy Management & Policy, Energy Resource Management, or Environmental Policy & Management - and have access to over 90 advanced EE electives. The EE curriculum provides students with:

  • Advanced knowledge on global energy and environmental issues and how governments, businesses, and civil society can lead effective action 
  • A holistic understanding of how science, technology, policy, finance, and society shape energy, natural resources, and environmental risks and opportunities 
  • Quantitative and qualitative tools to analyze and model energy and environment-related issues
  • Practical skills to become effective leaders in energy, natural resources, and environment, in both the public and private sector 
  • Multicultural interaction, teamwork, and collaboration within an international context 
  • Experience working with clients to formulate energy and environmental policy and management decisions through applied projects, internships, and workshops 

Learn more about the EE curriculum.


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Professional Development

SIPA’s EE Concentration is training the next generation of EE leaders

SIPA EE Global Collaboratory Projects

Global Collaboratory Projects

Many EE students receive grant funding to implement innovative solutions to pressing energy and environment challenges each summer and Spring semester.
SIPA EE Capstone Workshops

Capstone Workshops

EE students gain hands-on consulting experience at leading organizations in the public and private sectors in their second year of coursework.
SIPA EE Energy Symposium

Energy Symposium

EE students organize one of the nation’s largest student-run energy conferences, bringing together industry and academic thought-leaders. 

Learn more about EE job placement.


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SIPA’s EE students come from a wide array of backgrounds and excel in a number of industries

SIPA EE Tianying Lan

Tianying Lan, MIA
"I have learned a great deal from working with my EE friends inside and outside the classroom. For instance, as a participant in EE's first Global Collaboratory, I conducted field research on rural solar development in Inner Mongolia and organized a conference with industry experts in Beijing. I hope to leverage my experience in economic research in the U.S. to contribute to the development of energy markets in China."  
SIPA EE Nick Albanese

Nick Albanese, MIA
"SIPA has provided me with the expertise and skillset necessary to excel in the fast-changing global energy industry. Practical courses with incredible faculty have prepared me for exciting internships and outstanding campus events have expanded my professional network. Moreover, SIPA has taught me to be a leader on and off campus. I aspire to work in energy finance before pursuing a career in policy."  

Explore the diverse backgrounds of additional SIPA students.

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SIPA’s EE faculty are leaders in the fields of finance, economics, policy, development, and security

Phil Sharp, PhD

Making Climate Policy in the US

Professional Background:
US Congress (20 years), Resources for the Future, Harvard Kennedy School, Duke Energy

SIPA Daniel GrossDaniel Gross, MBA

Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling 

Professional Background:
Oaktree Capital Management, Hudson Clean Energy, Goldman Sachs, GE Capital

SIPA Sara TjossemSara Tjossem, PhD

Environmental Fundamentals, Applied Earth Systems 

Academic Background:
Environmental Movements & Policy, History of Ecology, International Cooperation

SIPA Gernot WagnerEllen Morris, PhD

Energy, Enterprise and Development

Professional Background:
NREL, Arc Finance, UNDP, Texaco

Explore the professional backgrounds of additional EE faculty.


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Columbia University is home to a number of active organizations in the energy and environment space

CGEPCenter on Global Energy Policy

The Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) strives to improve the quality of energy policy and energy dialogue through objective, balanced, and understandable analysis.

The Earth InstituteEarth Institute & Lenfest Center

The Earth Institute (EI) brings together the people and tools needed to address climate change, environmental degradation, disease, and the sustainable use of resources.

SIPA Energy AssociationSIPA Energy 

The SIPA Energy Association (SEA) is a student-run organization dedicated to building relationships among SIPA students and energy sector practitioners in the field.

SIPA Environmental CoalitionSIPA Environmental Coalition

The SIPA Environmental Coalition (ECO) is a student group dedicated to elevating the profile of the most pressing global and local environmental policy challenges.

Find a schedule of exciting events hosted by EE partners.

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SIPA’s EE alumni excel in industries across the energy and environment space

SIPA Brandon Tarbert
Brandon Tarbert, MPA
"I truly enjoyed my time, experience, and education at SIPA. SIPA’s adjunct Professors of Professional Practice are unrivaled in their fields. On a daily basis I was having conversations about international security policy with friends from central Asia, global health issues with friends from South America, and international financial markets with friends from Europe. SIPA truly is a global school with a student body that is eager to learn and driven to succeed."  
SIPA Alejandra Espinosa
Alejandra Espinosa, MPA
"My time at SIPA was one of the most intellectually stimulating and enriching periods in my life. Following graduation and right after the enactment of Mexico’s Energy Reform, I started working at Mexico's Ministry of Energy. In this transformational time, I use the skills and concepts I learned at SIPA on a daily basis. SIPA allowed me to discover new professional development paths and has given me better tools to navigate the complexities of the energy sector."  

Read about the impactful work of EE alumni.


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Get in touch with SIPA's EE Concentration

Travis Bradford
Concentration Director

Sophie Dejonckheere
Concentration Manager

Toby Hyde
Departmental Research Assistant

Jeewon Kim
Departmental Research Assistant


To keep up to date with the latest in SIPA's EE Concentration, read and subscribe to the EE Quarterly newsletter.