Columbia University’s SIPA and the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) have joined together to offer a dual degree program that allows students to study at each institution for one year and receive Master's degrees from both schools in the same amount of time it takes to obtain a single degree. The program is open to students in SIPA's two year MIA and MPA programs. Students in their first year at GraSPP should contact their school administrator for information regarding program eligibility. The language of instruction of the dual degree program is English. 



Overview: University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo (Todai) is widely considered to be the most prestigious university in Japan and is preeminent in Asia. The Faculty of Law and Politics and Economics at Todai merged in 2004 to form GraSPP and offer the Master's of Public Policy. The degree is completed in two years, with around 100 new admitted students each year. It focuses on four distinct policy areas:

  • Economic Policy
  • International Public Policy
  • Legal Policy
  • Public Management

For a list of English-taught courses, which cover topics ranging from Japan’s East Asia Policy to International Financial Institutions, please refer to the list here: Courses taught in English.

GraSPP specializes in advancing practical knowledge and skills, and belongs to a new class of Japanese professional graduate schools, emphasizing a hands-on approach. It aims to produce broad-minded public policy professionals.


Students will complete the core curriculum at their home institution then pursue an area of specialization at the partner institution in their second year, in addition to completing any SIPA core requirements not met in their first year at the partner institution. The program will normally be completed in two years.

Note: All students participating in this program must complete at least 30 credits while in residence at SIPA and graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Additional GraSPP information

GraSPP Core Mapping Requirements - MIA and MPA-MPP

SIPA Core -MPA SIPA Courses Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Equivalent Courses 

U4200 Economics
U6400 Economic Analysis 

Microeconomics for Public Policy (4 Units) + Practice Session (1 Unit) 
Microeconomics (4 Units) + Practice Session (1 Unit )

U4201 Economics
U6401 Economic Analysis 

Macroeconomic for Public Policy (4 Units ) + Practice Session (1 Unit)
Macroeconomics (4 Units) and Practice Session (1 Unit)

Politics of Policy Making (MPA students ONLY) 

PUAF U6110 / U6113 Politics of Policymaking

Policy Process and Negotiation (2 Units)

Law and Public Policy: Basic Knowledge of Japanese Legal System for Making Public Policies

MIA Core (MIA students ONLY)

Conceptual Foundations of International Politics (MIA) U6800

Choose one from the course list below:

• Modern Japanese Diplomacy
• International Conflict Study
• Governance and Development
• Comparative Governance Systems: Japanese Policy Making Process
• 8 Units from Case Study Courses 
• 4 Units of Courses which are marked as Practical Training;

Quantitative Analysis

U6500 Quantitative Analysis

Statistical Methods (4 Units) + Practice Session (1 Unit)
Econometrics (4 Units ) and Practice Session for Econometrics (1 Unit )

Management For List of SIPA courses which satisfy the Management requirement please refer to the MPA Curriculum Overview Page  Introduction to Public Management (2 Units)
Financial Management For List of SIPA courses which satisfy the Management requirement please refer to the MPA Curriculum Overview Page  Economic Analysis of Public Policy (2 Units)
Interstate Relations (MIA students ONLY)       


Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Students pay the tuition and fees at the school where they are in residence (i.e. if you are attending GraSPP,  you will pay GraSPP tuition and fees, and similarly at SIPA).

Columbia Tuition and Fees