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The Management Specialization offers SIPA students the opportunity to develop strong managerial and leadership skills applicable to virtually any public policy arena. The objective of this specialization is to prepare students to be the next generation of leaders of major international, national, state, or local public and nonprofit institutions.

The skills offered in SIPA’s courses will enable our students to plan strategy, marshal and deploy resources, optimally allocate those resources, monitor their use for accountability and corrective action purposes, and achieve the specific goals and objectives of the institution or organization. To provide students with these skills, SIPA offers courses specifically designed to provide both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical application of the full range of knowledge required to be an outstanding manager. The successful manager will have a command of what should be accomplished and how to get that mission achieved in the most efficient and effective way.

SIPA offers advanced courses for the full range of management, from highly quantitative to the more qualitative aspects of mission fulfillment. Building upon the financial management and public management courses that are required in the core curriculum, students in the Management Specialization choose an additional three courses. On the quantitative side, the offerings include operations management, quality management, decision modeling, cost benefit analysis, advanced statistics and econometric modeling, project management, and technology management. On the qualitative side, they include leadership, social entrepreneurship, human resource management, strategic planning and program development. Additional courses may be chosen as electives.

The Management Specialization allows students to link the advanced management skills to the specific policy concentration they have selected. The objective is to provide each student with the best possible combination of policy knowledge and policy implementation skills to quickly and successfully advance the mission of an institution or organization.

Graduates are well-prepared to become leaders of institutions and organizations, consultants and advisors to the leaders of major institutions and organizations, or create and lead institutions and organizations that fulfill a critical societal need.

The Management Specialization requires 9 points, consisting of 3 three-point courses. Students may choose any three courses from a wide selection.
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