Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Total

Direct Costs

Tuition 28,738 28,738 57,476
Medical Insurance 1,304 2,129 3,433
Health Service Fee 584 584 1,168
SIPA Computer Lab Fee 180 180 360
University Facilities Fee 513 513 1,026
Student Activity Fee 60 60 120
Total Direct Costs 31,379 32,204 63,583

ESTIMATED Indirect Costs

Room/Board 7,866 9,832 17,698
Books 500 500 1,000
Personal Expenses 1,767 2,210 3,977
Transportation 508 635 1,143
Total Indirect Costs 10,641 13,177 23,818


42,020 45,381 87,401

Additional Notes

The figures above for Direct Costs are accurate as of June 13, 2019.

International students must pay a $100 per semester International Students Fee as well as an additional $100 I-20 fee during their first semester of enrollment.  

A $105 Document Fee (formerly known as Transcript Fee) will be charged during all students' first semester of enrollment at Columbia University.

New students in the MPA-DP program are charged an additional $1,000 in their first term of enrollment, which contributes to the cost of the 12 week summer professional field placement, one week Getting Started Program, and 3 day MPA-DP retreat.

The total cost of attendance includes both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are those charged by Columbia University. The tuition and fees indicated above are for the stated year only. Indirect costs are not billed by Columbia and reflect estimated living and miscellaneous expenses incurred by students for the 9-month academic year (September through May only); yours may vary. Figures above do not include the costs of relocating to New York, if applicable. All tuition and fees assume full-time attendance; your costs may vary if you do not enroll full-time, and there are additional charges for enrollment in excess of 18 credits in a semester.  For information on billing and payments, please visit the University's Student Financial Services website.